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GoToMyPrice.com is not owned by or related to any vendor or manufacturer.

GoToMyPrice.com is a shopping search engine on the internet focusing on providing the best comparison shopping experience on the Internet to become a valuable ally for any shopper. Online shoppers use GoToMyPrice.com to save money on products and get a hassle-free shopping experience. Shoppers can sort by lowest price, within a price range or even price compare any product. The GoToMyPrice.com connects its online shoppers to merchants and sellers of all sizes and scope, from large traditional merchants to smaller local merchants and individuals, to offer shoppers the ability to view and compare over thousands of merchants and sellers and their respective pricing information for products and services, thereby enabling users to ultimately find the right product from the right merchant at the best price.

We are dedicated to maintaining and expanding a simple-to-use, time and cost-effective environment for the consumer and merchant alike. Our advanced search technology combined with our simple interface allows us to provide the most effective online shopping tool.

We work to quickly obtain free and unbiased information about products, services, merchants and sellers before making a purchase decision and compare millions of unique products and services.

Does GoToMyPrice.com sell any products?

- GoToMyPrice.com does not sell any products.

If I have a website that sells products, how do I get listed on GoToMyPrice.com?

- To learn more about the GoToMyPrice.com Merchant Program click here GoToMyPrice Product Listings

How often does the GoToMyPrice.com database get updated?

- GoToMyPrice.com has a fast-growing client base that features thousands of merchants, ranging from small retailers to industry giants. We harvest millions of product details from all of our listed merchants daily in order to ensure accurate product/pricing information.

What if a Merchant listed on GoToMyPrice.com publishes the wrong price or product?

- If there is a price or product error, please notify us immediately: REPORT A PROBLEM. If a merchant consistently refuses to adjust their published prices, they will be removed from the GoToMyPrice.com database.