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Merchant Information

* Merchant Name:

This name will appear next to your listings in GoToMyPrice.

If you registered for a merchant logo (see below), this name will be used in places where the logo does not apply.

When entering your store name, please follow the guidelines outlined below:

  • - Enter the name of your store without any additional text. Please do not include suffixes like "Inc.," "Co.," or "GmbH."
- Ensure that you've correctly spelled your store's name.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of the following:
    • - Promotional text (e.g. phone numbers, marketing messages, sale announcements)
    • - Repeated and unnecessary use of punctuation, capitalization, or symbols (e.g., spelling your store name in ALL CAPS)
    • - Copyright or trademark symbols
    • - Offensive or inappropriate language
    • Additionally, please note that GoToMyPrice truncates store names that are longer than 20 characters.


* Website URL:
This is the URL of your website's home page. All your product offers should be available within this web site.

Account Login Information

* Create a Username:

This is going to be your account login.

The username has to be less than 25 characters and special characters are not allowed.

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* Create a Password:
You will need to provide this password each time you login into your GoToMyPrice merchant account.
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* Verify Password:
We ask to verify your password to ensure that it was typed correctly.

* Primary Contact First Name:
First name of the main contact person for your registration.

* Primary Contact Last Name:
Last name of the main contact person for your registration.

* E-mail Address:

E-mail address of the main contact person for your registration.

You will receive an e-mail at this address to verify that the address belongs to you before you can complete your registration.

We'll send email to this address if there are technical issues such as problems with the content you submitted.


* Verify E-mail Address:
We ask to verify your e-mail address to ensure that it was typed correctly.

* Phone Number:
We ask to type in your Phone Number, to contact you in case of any issue!

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