Data Feeds Overview

A data feed is a file made up of a list of items which use groupings of attributes that define each one of your items in a unique way. Attributes, such as 'condition' and 'availability', can have standardized values, or accepted "answers," or attributes can been open to fill with your own choice of value, such as 'id' or 'title'. Accurately describing your items using these attributes allows users to search and find your items more easily.

Choosing the right file format
 It's important to choose the format that will be best for your needs as a merchant when creating a new data feed.
We support data feeds in one general formats, text (.txt).
For most small merchants, we recommend using .txt format because it requires the least technical knowledge. You can easily create a .txt data feed using a spreadsheet editor, such as Microsoft Excel.
See this article to learn more about the supported file formats.
To learn about all the attributes you should provide in your data feed, see the Feed Specification.