How to create my product feed files

Fill in your product details:

Pay special attention to the fields marked "Required" and "Recommended" in the Feed Specification. Any listings missing required information will be rejected. Including the recommended information can improve the placement and exposure of your products.
To create the product feed file please follow these steps:

Step 1: Beginning with the first row, use one row to describe each product, entering the appropriate information for the product in each column separate by "|". If the field is not recommended for that product, leave it blank. The required and recommended fields for all product types are listed in the first row. Not all fields apply to all types of products.

Note: The Feed Specification includes examples of acceptable data for each field. You can also check out example product feeds.
Step 2: Fill out an additional row for each of your remaining products.
Step 3: Check spelling and capitalization--use uppercase only when appropriate.
We recommend sending us a data feed as often as your item information changes -- up to once per day, but remember to upload a new feed at least once a month.

To minimize delays, please ensure that your data feed conforms to our feed specifications and program policies. 

Step 4: Save the file as a tab delimited text file (.txt)*—NOT as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xls)—with the name merchantname.txt.
Step 5: You can upload your product feed in two different ways: web upload, FTP upload